SYNAPSE to reissue SEX AND FURY dvd!

sexandfuryOn November 24th SYNAPSE/PANIK HOUSE will be reissuing the 1973 pinky violence classic SEX AND FURY on DVD! Considered by many (myself included) to be one of the greatest Asian exploitation films of all time, SEX AND FURY centers around a pick-pocket named Ocho (played by the inimitable REIKO IKE) and what happens when she encounters her father’s murderers, the yakuza, and a European spy (played by THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE‘s CHRISTINA LINDBERG!) This is an absolute must have for anyone interested in Asian exploitation! The disc will consist of a new 16×9 completely remastered transfer, bios on IKE, LINDBERG, and director NORIFUMI SUZUKI, a commentary by pinky violence genius and author CHRIS D., and more. has it for preorder for $13.74, a price that will most likely not be beat. Also, for all you QUENTIN TARRENTINO nerds out there, the sword fight in the snow from KILL BILL? Directly lifted from SEX AND FURY, only nowhere near as cool (or sexy!)

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