Drag Me To Hell: A Head Stapling, Hair Pulling, Fly Snorting Good Time

dragDRAG ME TO HELL was easily the new film I anticipated most this year. So why did I just see it the other day for the first time???? I missed out on the theater experience (something I’m kicking myself for greatly now), and it took me two weeks of it’s DVD/Blu-Ray release to finally see it. Director SAM RAIMI truly showed what he can do with a horror film with a budget to work with. The man behind the EVIL DEAD films’ return to the genre was nothing less than a roller coaster ride of haunted house/dark ride style atmosphere, jump scares and, of course, the trademark RAIMI cartoonesque action. Presented here in both unrated and theatrical PG-13 versions, there’s really not much of a difference in terms of content (just a few scenes a bit bloodier in the unrated cut). The choice of ALISON LOHMAN, in the lead role of cursed loan officer Christine Brown, was perfect, as was LORNA RAVER as Mrs Ganush, who curses her upon being denied a loan extension on her mortgage and starts the whole ball rolling. Working with minimal grue, the film relies on building tension in that familiar “I know it’s coming but for some reason I’m still spooked” kind of way, which I personally love. With a film like DRAG ME TO HELL I’d much rather have a good balance of tension and RAIMI’s silliness than a film drenched with blood and guts anyway. Altogether this is definitely my top contender at this point for movie of the year. If you’re late to the party, like I embarrassingly was, grab this disc now! You will not be disappointed, from the first fly snorted to the last hair pulled!

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