In Case You Missed… Sick Girl


“In Case You Missed…” is a series of reviews I’m starting on movies that may have flown under your radar that I think everyone should see. I’ve decided to start with a film that just made it’s DVD debut this past August thanks to Synapse, director Eben McGarr’s SICK GIRL from 2007.  SICK GIRLS is the story of a teenage girl Izzy (Leslie Andrews) living in a small rural town taking care of her younger brother, Kevin (Charlie Trepany), while her older brother is off at war. Izzy looks after and protects her young brother to the point where she even takes to torturing the kids at school who bully him, and that’s just the beginning! Izzy is one screwed up girl and the more you get to know her, the more you can’t decide if you love her, hate her or just feel sorry for her that she’s so fucked up in the head! From the fact that she buys her young brother a handgun for Christmas to the barn full of kidnapped kids she has behind the house, you start to wonder exactly what did happen to her parents? Writer/director Eben McGarr brings the perfect mix of black humor, brutal dialogue (“if you scream I will snap your neck and pitchfork your mom”) and even more brutal balls-out violence, without ever feeling contrived or forced like many recent genre films (example – anything by Rob Zombie).  And when I say brutal.. well, I’m not going to throw out any spoilers, but there is a scene that will have members of both sexes covering their laps and cringing!sick1 This is one of the most creatively violent scenes in recent genre history! The whole thing is held together by a creepy little score that sneaks in and out, adding the perfect icing to this bloody, fucked in the head cake! DVD special features include a hilarious Public Service Announcement on movie theatre etiquette and a great behind the scenes look at actress Leslie Andrews’ photography series “Death Is” (stylistically similar to what the girls did in the opening sequence of GINGER SNAPS – very cool stuff.) So what are you waiting for? Shoot over to Amazon (it’s only $10.49!) and get yours NOW!

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