Win Abigail’s Woods DVD & Shirt

Okay, it’s contest time! Being from the Chicago area, I’m pleased to offer two readers a DVD/shirt combo from an upstart film crew from my neck of the woods (no pun intended), Haunt County Productions. ABIGAIL’S WOODS is the story of a group of teens who set out to disprove an old local legend and  end up running straight into it instead. The legend revolves around a witch who was falsely accused of being a child murderer and put to death, but not before cursing the woods upon which she had lived. There’s a werewolf roaming around in there, too! We have two DVD/shirt packs to give away to two readers and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us your favorite werewolf movie of all time, and whether you would want a size Medium or Extra Large shirt (we have one of each). That’s it. Winners will be picked randomly on January 1st 2010, so you can start your new year off with some low budget werewolf fun! So go ahead and enter now, and support your local horror!!!

Halloween III – Season Of The Witch Poster Gallery

John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN is my favorite film of all time, of any genre. My favorite sequel, much to many a friend’s dismay, is the third installment. That’s right, haters, HALLOWEEN III – SEASON OF THE WITCH. The one everyone loves to hate (well, most everyone) for leaving out you know who. So in celebration of one of the most unfairly hated on films of the ’80’s, here’s a selection of poster images. Enjoy, you can leave your hate mail in the comment section!

Nunsploitation Lives!

Yes, that’s right, my favorite exploitation sub-genre is alive and well and coming from an indie film company out of Rhode Island! I came across the trailer for a film that will be released on DVD this upcoming year called NUN OF THAT, from Scorpio Film Releasing.  Scorpio Films’ previous efforts include FEEDING THE MASSES and CREATURE FROM THE HILLBILLY LAGOON. Check out the trailer below and prepare for NUNSPLOITATION SUNDAY every Sunday through December here at BASEMENT SCREAMS, because damnit I’ve been inspired!

Contest – Win A 2010 Girls And Corpses Calendar!

Okay, we have two copies of the brand new 2010 calendar from GIRLS AND CORPSES MAGAZINE to give away! If you’re not familiar, GIRLS AND CORPSES is a magazine featuring super hot chicks and – you guessed it! – rotting corpses! They’ve generously given us a couple to give away and all you have to do is sign up for our email list and on December 18th we will randomly choose two winners to receive this amazing prize! Easy as that.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather have hanging on my wall for the New Year, so go ahead and ENTER and don’t forget to check out the GIRLS AND CORPSES website HERE. Also leave us a comment on who you’d like to see half naked and posing with a corpse! *NOTE* You Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Enter This Contest!!* Winners will be announced and notified by email within 24 hours of contest’s closing.

[REC] 2 Midwest Premiere Coming To Chicago

If you’re going to be in the Chicago area on Saturday, December 5th you have to check this out.  The folks at Movieside present Terror In The Aisles 3 featuring the midwest premiere screening of [REC] 2, as well as the director’s cut of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Special guests include both CREEPS director  Fred Dekker, and BLAIR WITCH director Eduardo Sanchez. It’s all going down at The Portage Theatre in Chicago. Tickets are $12 HERE

Happy Leonard Nimoy Day

leonard1The city of Boston, MA has declared today LEONARD NIMOY DAY, in honor of everyone’s favorite Vulcan who is a Boston native. So to celebrate check out this interview from the Boston Pheonix HERE and this absolute career highlight, Mr Nimoy singing The Legend Of Bilbo Baggins! Leave a comment and tell us what you’ll be doing on this most illogical day…

what… the… fuck???

Chainsaw Sally Show For Preorder Now! Do It!

The 3 disc first season set of THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW, starring scream queen APRIL MONIQUE BURRIL, is available for preorder NOW from FORBIDDEN PICTURES! I’m super excited for this one, and you should be too. Episodes are uncut and uncensored so there’s more blood, boobs and Sally than you can shake a chainsaw at! Check out episodes free HERE then click on SALLY below to preorder the DVD!


In Case You Missed… Murder Party

murder_party_poster_smallThis is another post I wanted up before Halloween, as it’s a great post trick ‘r treating watch. MURDER PARTY is the story of an average Joe traffic warden named Chris who happens upon an invitation to a party while walking home from work on Halloween. The invitation reads “murder party, tonight” along with an address and “come alone.”  Deciding not to spend Halloween eating candy corn and watching schlock horror videos with his cat, Chris quickly whips up a loaf of pumpkin bread and a cardboard knight costume and heads off to find the party. Unfortunately for him what he finds is a costumed group of hipster artists who plan to murder whoever was unfortunate enough to find the invite and actually show up. As one character says “the invitation said murder party, if you’re stupid enough to show up you deserve to die.” The group plans on recording the murder and using it as part of a multi-media art piece to earn a grant from their mentor, Alexander. Upon Chris’ realization that there is, in fact, no party, hilarity and hysteria ensue. The film is almost set up in three acts. The middle act consists of Chris mostly being bound to a chair and having to endure not only the groups abuse, but their inane hipster conversations centering around a supposed art grant that Alexander has set up for one of them. A truth serum induced game of truth or dare exposes each of their insecurities and back stabbing tendencies. The middle is the section that will turn horror purists off. Nothing horrific happens, unless of course you count the group’s shit talking behind each other’s backs. It is also the middle that makes MURDER PARTY a step ahead of many gorefest horror films, in that it’s written really well. The interaction between characters, especially during the extreme truth or dare, really build the film up, and if you can be patient, the blood definitely comes in abundance. After the truth about Alexander comes out, all hell breaks loose. a bloodbath ensues as the group turns against each other in the most violent ways. Chris escapes from his confined chair only to be hunted down by Bill, the quiet one of the group, in a sometimes hilarious, completely blood soaked finale. When Chris goes running through a neighboring party with Bill, axe in hand, right behind him it really shows the talent in the film’s crew as a whole. The entire ending sequence is outstanding. MURDER PARTY has everything you could want from a fun time horror film. It’s funny in parts, but not a comedy. It’s well written and conversation based in parts, but not boring. And it’s certainly delivers on the blood and bodies in the end.

Monster Match Winner – Sir Christopher Lee

I really wanted to post a bunch of stuff on Halloween, but due to a severe cold and trick or treating with the family I just wasn’t able to. Such is life. But the Basement Scream readers have spoken, and the winner of our Monster Match Classic Dracula Poll is Hammer legend CHRISTOPHER LEE! The results came in simultaneously as the news that Mr. Lee is now SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE, as he was officially  knighted by the Prince of Wales on Friday the 30th of October.

ChristopherLee02SIR LEE will be returning to the studio that gave him his most notable roles in Hammer’s 2010 production THE RESIDENT, alongside stars HILARY SWANK and JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN. An interview about THE RESIDENT can be seen HERE.