‘The Crazies’ Remake Might Not Suck After All…

When I first heard about the upcoming remake of George Romero’s THE CRAZIES (due out in February) I could only envision it as a bad version of 28 DAYS LATER. That coupled with the fact that most remakes suck (Hi Rob!) and remaking Romero is generally a fucking horrid idea, I dismissed it and avoided watching the teaser trailer and full trailer all together… until this morning. I’ve been hearing some good things from friends so when I got home from work this morning I decided to give it watch. I have to admit, shitty poster art aside, the flick looks pretty bad ass. I’m not sure how I feel about the make-up effects yet, the trailer doesn’t show much of them, but I think THE CRAZIES might actually turn out to be a half way decent film. It’s a very rare thing for me to say that about a remake, especially of a film I really enjoy, but after THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake I’ve learned to not count anything out before it’s time (unless, of course, Rob Zombie is involved.) Also, for all you High Def Romero fans, the original CRAZIES drops on Blu-Ray on February 23rd from Blue Underground. Til then, check out the trailer for the remake and tell me what you think….

One comment on “‘The Crazies’ Remake Might Not Suck After All…

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