Evil Things Await…

Back in early October, Johnny from FREDDY IN SPACE put out a call to arms to the horror blogging community to spread the word on a little seen film called EVIL THINGS. Disappointed by the lack of attention the film had been receiving compared to the similarly P.O.V. style PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, it was set up to get screeners out to the horror bloggers to review and get this film a little more attention. As far as the handheld/P.O.V. style of filmmaking goes, I’m kind of on the fence. I think with certain films it adds tension and depth to the film (BLAIR WITCH, [REC.] and it’s US counterpart QUARANTINE are all great examples of this.) But then with others I think it completely ruins the film and makes me want to throw the disc out the window (DIARY OF THE DEAD and CLOVERFIELD both fall into this category for me. Admittedly though I have been meaning to re-watch CLOVERFIELD lately just to give it a fighting chance.)  With EVIL THINGS the POV style works great. It is shot from the point of view of one of five early twenty-somethings en route to a weekend in the Catskills to celebrate on of their 21st birthdays. The plot of EVIL THINGS isn’t anything original, five kids heading to a remote house being stalked by a mysterious truck. But for the most part, it’s done incredibly well and stylistically looks way better than the POV stylings of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. To say EVIL THINGS is a slow burner is an understatement. Not much happens in the first forty or so minutes of the film. There are a few moments of tension spread out here and there, but most of it is saved for the last fifteen minutes. Which brings me to my major gripe with the film. We finally get to the good stuff and there’s kids running, and kids screaming, and tensions mounting and… nothing. It ends. I understand that the kids were supposedly never found and by showing a bunch of death and blood (of which there are none in the film, and I have no complaints about that at all) would ruin that premise. But I think the ending should have been stretched out a little bit longer. We finally got to the confrontation between the kids and the mysterious creepy truck guy and it’s over as quickly as it started.Other than that, EVIL THINGS is a well shot little flick that keeps your interest throughout, even when nothings happening. I think that the director, first time filmmaker Dominic Perez, definitely has a future ahead of him, and I’ll be looking out for his name on other projects. Besides the film itself, the website for the film is worth checking out as well. Besides the usual still shots, trailers, etc the site features videos of the missing kids families and friends talking about their loved ones. This, along with the FBI “confidential file” packaging the DVD screener came in, really add to the film. The amount of time and work put into the promotion of the film, equals that of the film itself, and I wish more filmmakers and distributors did that. You can check out the official EVIL THINGS website HERE.

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