Leatherface! Leatherface! Leatherface!

So I started noticing that on my WordPress dashboard the amount of people who have found the blog by Googling “Leatherface” was kind of high, so I looked it up and since September more than 900 people have visited the blog looking for Leatherface. Now, since Leatherface happens to be one of my absolute favorite horror villains ever, and the fact that I’ve only ever written one short rant on the subject I decided to (hopefully) satisfy those looking for the man in the dead skin mask and celebrate all things Leatherface in this ridiculous tribute post! Enjoy…



Greatest Trailer EVER! Ha ha!



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Want to win a totally non Leatherface related prize??? Of course you do! Simply email basementscreamsblog@gmail.com and answer this trivia question: IN WHAT 1987 COMEDY DID TWO STUDENTS DO A “BOOK REPORT” ON THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE????? Winner will be chosen randomly out of all correct submissions.

That’s all for my ridiculous Leatherface post! Have a happy and safe New Years and remember, The Saw Is Family!!!

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