La Casa Muda – New Horror From Uruguay

Filming wrapped in November on a unique new film from Uruguay, LA CASA MUDA (THE SILENT HOUSE). The story is “based on true events” from 1944 where two men were found brutally tortured and murdered in an old farmhouse, minus their tongues. “Disturbing photographs were the key to solving the bloody crime.” What makes LA CASA MUDA unique, however, is the fact that not only was it shot using a SLR photo camera, but it was also done in one 72 minute long sequence shot with no cuts. This process took four days and was meticulously mapped out, shot for shot, and this is the first time a horror film was shot in this fashion. LA CASA MUDA premiers on the festival circuit this March, until then here are a few still shots from the film.

3 comments on “La Casa Muda – New Horror From Uruguay

  1. 72 hours without any cuts or breaks?! That’s awesome! Seems like this might beat the hell out of all the other movies coming out now that are supposed to look realistic and feel like ‘real time’. I’m definitely excited for this one!

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