Drive-In Memories…

Watching Drive-In Horror Show got me thinking about the old drive-in theater that was not too far from where I grew up. I can’t remember for the life of me the name of it but my friends and I would make occasional trips there to catch a movie or two. Going through the list of movies in my head, we actually saw some really horrendous stuff. I remember seeing Grease when it was reissued, which was kind of cool because half the people there were dressed up like characters from the movie. It gave it somewhat of a Rocky Horror feel. I also remember a double feature of Blade and, get this, How Stella Got Her Groove Back! Not sure who thought that would be a great pair, but it was awful. I remember being very drunk on cheap 40s and talking shit about Wesley Snipes very, very loud. But my favorite drive-in memory is seeing the Jim Carey movie The Mask on acid! [note: kids, drugs are bad. Don’t do them!] Anyway, a group of us decided that the best way to see the film was while hallucinating and it was ridiculous! I got lost going to the concessions stand, and again on the way back to the car. I’ve seen The Mask since, and I’m still convinced this was the only good way to see the movie! So that’s my quick trip (no pun intended) down drive-in memory lane.  And of course, no trip to the drive-in was complete without the intermission ads. This one features a German scientist and his new “inwention”!! Enjoy…

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