Childhood Traumas Pay Off: Demonic Toys 2 Contest Winners

Finally, the results are in! In order to choose the winners in this contest I assembled an all-star hack panel of judges consisting of myself, James a.k.a. the Bride of Murphenstein, Dr. Schlocktopus, and Seamus O’Helen. After much reading, giggling, rereading, arguing, and giggling some more we’ve picked our winners! Congratulations to Matthew and Tony R., who took third and second place, respectively. You will both be receiving the new Demonic Toys 2 DVD! And to Chris, our grand prize winner, you will be receiving the DT2 DVD and the Dollman vs Demonic Toys DVD box set! I really want to thank everyone who entered for entertaining me with their childhood trauma, it was a blast! You can read all the entries HERE

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