Who Doesn’t Love A Good Mystery?

So yesterday as I was getting caught up on some of the blogs I usually read on a regular basis, I came across a post on Dollar Bin Horror that I thought I’d share with you here. Before I get to that though, if you’re not familiar with Dollar Bin Horror , check it out ASAP. Rhonny Reaper is one of the most entertaining horror bloggers around. So on her blog she posted that HorrorMovieEmpire.com has horror grab bags for sale for the next week for $10. You get a brand new horror DVD or Blu-Ray and some miscellaneous horror goodness as well. You also are entered into a contest with prizes ranging from a PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii to gift cards from Amazon, Best Buy and HorrorMovieEmpire as well. So of course I headed straight over and purchased one right away. …and now the wait begins…  What will it be? The suspense will be killing me until it arrives. Quite honestly, I’m horrible with surprises. I was the kid shaking the presents hidden in my parent’s closet before Christmas. Last night as I worked my horribly repetitive and mundane night shift job, I found myself obsessing over the possibilities. Then the paranoia kicked in, what if it’s Satanic Rites Of Dracula?? (Just to clear the air, I’m not dissing Satanic Rites, but I own it already and I only paid a dollar for it at Walgreens a few Halloweens ago.) But that’s how I am, I obsess over silly shit like what my mystery movie will be. I just hope it’s not something I already own (or something that sucks ass!) So, if you’re a chance taking horror fan, head on over there before next Monday, the 22nd, ’cause that’s when the sale ends and there’s only 500 of them to begin with. GO NOW

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