Satan: Baby’s Daddy From Hell

Satan’s Wife (Un’ombra Nell’ombra) is another slice of late seventies Eurosleaze, this time from Italy. This was the second of three films done by writer/director Pier Carpi, and it’s definitely a trip, that’s for sure. The film starts with a perfectly choreographed dance performed by four women dancing around a fountain looking like happy little ballerinas. That is until the music picks up and four creepy Italians pop out of the woodwork in red tights and join in the dance, turning it into a choreographed disco number.  At this point I’m not sure if I should do a line and get down or be afraid (which I am… very afraid. Mostly of the hairy Italian men in tights…) Most of the group break away and we have a one on one dance/grope thing going on with one of the girls and her hairy man partner.

This is all the beginning of a ritual where Lucifer himself (played horribly by Ezio Miani) has his way with four women… oh, and it’s a dream. Carlotta (played by Anne Heywood, who nunsploitation fans will know from The Nun & The Devil) is haunted by the fact that she let Satan get in her pants when she was young and dumb. The result was her having the devil’s baby, and not being able to have sexual relations with any other man… ever… shitty news. Shittier for her is the fact that her daughter Daria is starting to realize who her real dad is and the powers she possesses from him.

Thirteen year old Daria (played by Lara Wendel, who also appeared in Tenebre and Killing Birds) is a spooky little brat indeed. She steals dolls, buries her fingernails in a flower-pot (“no one should ever have access to dead parts of our bodies!”), and she calls out her teacher while discussing Charlemagne. Carlotta doesn’t know what to do so she calls on her three friends from the Satan gang bang to help. But before they meet up we are introduced to Carlotta’s soon to be ex husband Peter, who Daria has a sincere dislike for, probably because she knows he’s not her real dad. We also meet the professor, a former lover of Carlotta’s, teaching chess in a cafe ranting and raving about the battle between white and black, dark and light, and quite honestly it all sounds totally racist at first, which it isn’t.

The middle of the film gets a bit sluggish, but not unbearable as Daria makes things interesting by harassing her teacher, her mother, and her classmate Martin, who she brings home to study and leaves a big old burned in hand print on his chest when he goes in for a smooch. Doesn’t this kid know that you don’t try to make a play on Satan’s daughter? Sheesh… Oh and she shows her stepdad who’s boss.

So how do you rid the evil from Lucifer’s daughter? An exorcism of course! They seek the aid of a young priest who is ready to leave the church because he is questioning his faith (like every priest that’s ever performed an exorcism in a horror film).  The exorcism isn’t like the rituals performed in other possessed little girl movies that you may have seen. It’s performed by the priest with the help of the Satanists! What?! The whole thing doesn’t make too much sense as it’s happening and after the fact, Carlotta has to put on fucked up face paint that makes her look like a cross between Ziggy Stardust and something out of Liquid Sky, and perform a second part of the ritual that leads to her final showdown with Daria.

All in all Satan’s Wife is a nice slice of Italian Satan-schlock! Like I said, the film does slow down in the middle but it’s easily made up for with the great performance by Wendel as Daria, and the all around fun mood of the film. I would also like to note that the Italians are a fucked up people, as Lara Wendel was about thirteen years old when Satan’s Wife was filmed and she appears completely nude. Kinda creepy. No creepier than Argento putting his own daughter in films where she is raped I guess, which by the way, is super fucking creepy!

Six Weeks Of Satan

Yep, Spring is officially here. That means warmer weather, April showers bringing in the May flowers, birds and bugs coming out of hiding, and of course… Satan! I don’t know what it is but this time of year gets me in the mood for some serious cinema Satanism so from now until the end of April it’s gonna be Six Weeks Of Satan here at Basement Screams. Everybody loves a good devil worship movie or two and I’m gonna do my best to cover as many as I can in the next few weeks. So stay tuned folks, it’s gonna be a dark ride to the dark side. If you have any suggestions for a film you’d like to see covered in the next few weeks, drop me an email at and I’ll try to dig it up.

[REC.] 2 To Get Theatrical Release

Good news for [REC.] fans, seems like Magnet has obtained the US rights to the much anticipated sequel and plans for a July theatrical release. Just how wide of a release it will get remains to be seen but this is the info they emailed over.

Magnet Releasing Takes U.S. Rights to [REC] 2

New York, NY – March 26, 2010 – The Wagner/Cuban Company’s Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures announced today that it has acquired US rights to [REC] 2, the anticipated sequel to the terrifying cult favorite, [REC].  Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza return for [REC] 2, maintaining the same claustrophobic concept or the original while finding new means of delivering scares to the audience. [REC] told the story of a quarantined apartment building infected with a ferocious virus that spread a terrifying form of demonic possession to the trapped inhabitants.  [REC] 2 kicks off shortly after the events of the first film, when a medical officer and a SWAT team armed with video cameras are sent into the sealed off apartment building to try and neutralize the situation.

Magnet plans an early July theatrical release for the film, which will be released through Magnolia/Magnet’s Ultra VOD program, debuting a month prior on VOD platforms nationwide.

“Without a doubt, [REC] 2 is the scariest film of the year,” said Magnolia SVP Tom Quinn. “Nobody does horror as terrifying as directors Jaume Ballaguero and Paco Plaza. It’s a great fit for Magnet”

Said directors Balagueró and Plaza, “[REC]2 comes courtesy of the audiences who infused life into its predecessor. Their enthusiasm and imagination. In some way they’re the ones who created it. It’s their fault”

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Sex! Satan! Sweet Furniture!

I picked up a copy of the Mondo Macabro release Satan’s Blood a couple years ago for five bucks at a used shop. I watched about fifteen minutes of it that night before work and it remained on the shelf ever since. So I recently busted it out, in the mood for some satanic sleaze from the seventies, and truth be told, I was mostly disappointed. Mostly. If you’re not familiar, Satan’s Blood is a Spanish flick from 1978 directed by Carlos Puerto.

The film opens with some black-robed Satanists walking a young woman into a room where she is fondled, slurped on and groped by some old dude with a beard who finally stabs her as we go into our opening credits. One of the best things about Satan’s Blood is the opening theme. It’s a real simple yet menacing little tune. Next we meet a young couple, Andy and Anna, and their German Sheppard Blackie, who decide to go out for an afternoon stroll and then a car ride through the city. It’s all pretty boring until they come to a stop light and realize they are being stared at by another couple in the car next to them. At the next light they’re waved over by the couple who mysteriously know Andy’s name. Hmmmmm…. suspicious.

After introducing themselves as Bruno and Mary and debating back and forth whether they actually know each other from school or not, they decide to follow Bruno and Mary to their house out in the middle of nowhere to have a drink and celebrate Anna being pregnant. Okay, rule one – when someone says they know you and you don’t remember them, don’t go to their fucking house for wine and cheese. Simple as that. And if you do, and there’s a creepy furry dude at the gate when you get there – turn the fuck around!  Odds are they’re into the Satan.

Once inside, Bruno lights up the fireplace, Anna finds a book on black magic, and Mary locks the dog up in a closet… oh and eats what appears to be bloody meat out of a dog dish. Nothing strange here. Bruno even finds the school picture with the two of them in it. Andy just isn’t convinced though. Rule two – if the guy that swears he knows you, shows you a picture of you that isn’t you FUCKING RUN. Run out the goddamn door and don’t look back! So as the night goes on we learn that Mary can read minds, and that their host have the coolest piece of furniture in all of Spain – a table with a Ouija board for a top.

So they light up some cigarillos and get down with the summoning of spirits. After the spirit accuses Anna with continuing her past affair with Andy’s brother, the fireplace roars, and Anna passes out they decide to have a Satanic slumber party. They wanted to leave, but of course there’s a storm coming in and the roads won’t be driveable. Of course. So before they hit the sack, there’s some bathtub loving for Andy and Anna, some more questioning if Bruno really did know Andy from school, blah blah blah. Anna decides to take a walk downstairs to check on the dog when she’s attacked by what would appear is a burglar. After almost being raped, she runs to get Andy and leave. But instead of just leaving like any sane person would do, they seek out their hosts to let them know they were going, “hey thanks for the good time, I enjoyed the Ouija and assault”….

This is where they find their hosts, kneeling naked on a pentagram drawn on the floor as Bruno is chanting some retarded Satan shit and Mary is writhing in place moaning. Thats when…

the Satan orgy begins! The fire in the fireplace roars, a picture of Jesus bursts into flames (why do Satanists have a framed picture of Jesus????)  and we witness the very oily, very hairy (it was ’78…)  group sex for the dark lord. Ick.

The film starts to go downhill from here. After the group sex, there’s some pairing off, more sex, the furry guy from the gate killing the home intruder guy, and the couple being way to nonchalant  about waking up to find their car missing. Of course when the car is returned by their hosts (they just needed to pick up a few things!) it won’t start. No shit.

The whole last section of the film is a muddled mess of Bruno and Mary turning on each other, Andy and Anna going back and forth between acting like they need to get the hell out of there and casually hanging around as if all this shit is normal. Throw a doctor into the mix to rile up Andy and this film has raveled out of control. What starts out as a slow-moving, but almost promising slice of Satanic sleaze ends up just boring and messy. The ending, which I won’t spoil here, is pretty typical and unsatisfying to say the least. If the pace of the film was picked up a bit I could completely forgive the horrid parts of the script (about two-thirds) but as it stands Satan’s Blood is Netflix worthy. The opening score, the Ouija table-top and a few choice parts I didn’t want to spoil for anyone who will see this make it worth the five bucks I spent on it, but definitely no more than that!

Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper for XBox360

Here’s a little something for the gamers out there. On April 20th, the Adventure Company is pitting everyone’s favorite sleuth against London’s infamous prostitute killer, in Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper for the XBox360 console. The cool part is that if you pre-order it before the end of the month, you not only get the game but five other games for free. The pre-order price is $39.99, which is pretty damn good considering you’re actually getting six games. The other games in the pack are Dracula Origins, The Mystery Of The Mummy, Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, Sherlock Holmes: Awakened, and Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring. Check out the trailer and the official synopsis below then pre-order it while you have the chance!

A horrible series of murders are uncovered in the eastern district of London and the police have no serious leads.

Take on the role of master sleuth Sherlock Holmes as you venture into the dark, grim streets of London searching for the macabre trail of… Jack the Ripper. During this terrifying adventure, Sherlock will attempt to shed some light on the mystery that shrouds the identity and motive of the infamous killer.

Sweet Home Chicago

I’ve recently learned of, and joined, a newly formed Chicago based horror/sci-fi/monster blog web ring called the Chicago Ghouls. Being a life-long resident of the Chicagoland area, I’m proud to be among other like-minded bloggers and horror fiends from the Windy City. Chicago has a long-standing monster kid tradition and it’s about time it gets recognized! We have an amazing horror store (Horrorbles), one of the best horror conventions in the country (Flashback Weekend) and it goes without saying we’re home to Svengoolie for fuck’s sake! The name of this blog is even an homage to Chicago punk legends Naked Raygun (Basement Screams was their first EP!) So head over to Chicago Ghouls and get to know some of the folks from the neighborhood. It’s a fairly young site but I’m really looking forward to see what comes out of it.

Survival Of The Dead Zombie Identification Field Manual

Too funny! I especially like the one about the moist towelette. I don’t know if it’s all the hype or what, but I am finding myself more and more excited about Survival Of The Dead as time goes by. And after Diary I really didn’t think that was possible. I guess only time will tell.

Horror and Parenting

Okay, this one’s for all the horror fiends out there who have children. I have two questions for you: how old were you when you were first exposed to horror films, and at what age will you do the same for your children? This has been floating around in my head for some time now. My oldest just turned five last month and he’s already a full-blown monster kid without ever seeing a horror film. Thanks to mommy and daddy’s horror toys, magazine covers and DVD collection, he can spot Pinhead, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface from a mile away. His current obsession is The Ghostbusters (the only thing close to a horror film he has seen), and he even built his own containment unit in the living room for all the ghosts he busts! He often tells tales of his imaginary adventures fighting various ghosts, zombies and monsters of all kinds. I mean, seriously you would think he’d been raised on Romero and King the way he goes on. But no, he just goes on what he hears us talking about, the collectables we have adorning our shelves and the occasional glimpse of daddy’s Rue Morgue and HorrorHound magazines. Which brings me back to my initial point. When will I actually sit him down and let him watch his first horror film, and better still, what will that film be? Do I start off slow and go with the Universal classics? If I do that I could reasonably start him out at a fairly young age. Or do I wait a little bit longer and go straight for my personal favorite boogeyman flick, John Carpenter’s seminal Halloween? It’s a tough call. I’ve often dreamt of a chilly Halloween night that we’d come home from trick or treating and we’d plant ourselves on the couch with a bowl of candy corn, dim the lights and let the movie take him to the place that I’ve found so much joy in since I was a young kid myself. I’d take delight in watching him become mesmerized by the screen, being startled at just the right times. Afterwards we would clink pop cans together and toast all the monsters, slashers and zombies before calling it a night. Then he would stay up half the night in bed, haunted by the shadows and sounds coming from his safe bedroom… Well, that’s how it plays out in my head at least. So tell me, dear reader, what was the first horror film you saw and what film would you want to start your children off with? Leave you comments below.

Demonic Toy Stories

Back in January I held a contest to win the newly released Demonic Toys 2. In order to enter readers simply had to share a story of a scary/weird/fucked up story about a childhood toy. Some of the entries were so entertaining to me that I wanted to post them here for anyone that missed them the first time around in the comment section of the contest post. I’ll start with the three winning stories and the rest will follow. Enjoy!


our 1st place winner Chris:

This is also an evil ventriloquist dummy story, but in this case I, along with my older sister and her friend Billy Welch, were the evil ones.

Growing up, my dad kept a trunk of his old toys in the basement, and one item inside was a Charlie McCarthy doll that he’d use to mercilessly torment me with. Y’know, the usual stuff… leaving it at the end of my bed so when I’d wake up I’d see it first thing. Leaving it on the stairs and telling me to go get the clothes from the washing machine. Making it “talk” to me in my darkened bedroom. Terrifying stuff for a 5 year old.

Oh. If you couldn’t tell already, yes. My father is a bastard.

Anyway. One day, my sister’s friend from school, Billy, came over to hang out. So, the three of us decided to goof around in the basement. Listening to music, trying to impress one another with our break-dancing “skills” (gimmie a break, huh? It was the 80’s). Stuff like that. Well, Billy’s looking around and comes across the trunk, and in doing so, happens upon good ol’ Charlie as well. Me, seeing this devil doll loosed from his prison of mildew and trunk funk, go running up the stairs, screaming like an idiot, forcing my sister to regale the story of what this dummy means to me (read: father’s favorite dysfunctional past time) to Billy… who suddenly has a real cool idea!

Assuring everything’s gonna be fine (famous last words), my sister brings me outside to the awaiting Billy who not only has the dummy, but a roll of fishing line he took from our garage. His plan? Tie the line around the dummy, then HURL THAT SUMBITCH over one of the street lights on our block, and… (I think the statute of limitations has past on this, so I can freely speak about it) drop the tiny body upon unsuspecting motorists.

Again, it was the 80’s. Being too young for cocaine, we made up our own fun.

First car goes by, we chicken out. Second, same deal. Third car, forget it. But the fourth car… oh, that poor businessman… Billy lets the line slip through his fingers, and BAM! The little sucker careens down like a meteor, smacking into his windshield, freaking him out, and nearly causing him to crash into a parked car! Yikes! We hightailed it right outta there, Charlie McCarthy bouncing upon the ground behind us, a hangman’s noose of fishing line still tied around his neck. We were never caught (thankfully) and nobody was hurt (unfortunately. Would’a made for a more entertaining story).

To close… the next morning? Our neighbor, Mr. Camano, woke to find the stuffing from Mr. McCarthy’s body strewn upon his lawn, and a teeny tiny little body hanging from a branch on his evergreen tree. And there on his chest, a message written in red crayon : “NEXT TIME IT’S GONNA BE YOU!”

It’s a miracle we’re not all incarcerated to this very day.


our second place winner Tony R.:

Haha,oh no where do I start?!

Lets take a journey back to 1991,the first time I’ve ever seen a Chucky movie on VHS. I had this Waldo doll,YES,a damn Waldo doll that looked like this ( after seeing Childs Play I couldn’t look at this doll the same way ever again,I took scissors to his legs and cut them off so he wouldn’t run after me.
So me,being scared shit-less threw out the doll. We had 3 trash bags outside our front door due to it being trash day the next morning,I lifted the bags and tried to stuff him in between them so he had no way of getting out,lol.

The next morning….I woke up to a big surprise.

He’s laying at the edge of my bed,and I jump out of bed SCREAMING my head off and running into my parents bed room,I near had a heart attack at the age of 5…almost.
My mother had took out the trash and seen that I had the doll outside,she didn’t know my dad showed me Childs Play the previous night,she thought I left the doll out there on accident. I was shaking and in tears,my heart was racing,it is something I will never forget only because my parents bring it up every time I have friends over (thanks mom and dad,thanks.) It was horrible!!!!

…and to top it off…my PARENTS again,yes my parents…

…Take a news paper clipping of the Childs Play 2 movie ad,cut out Chuckys face and put it on a stuffed bear I had on my bed,then cover it with my blankets when I was 6. I come home from my Grandmas,get ready for bed and see that fucking dolls face looking at me,and it’s on my favorite bear! WTF!? why! .
….of course I flipped out again!! ughh!!!

Now being 22 i’ve over come my fear of killer dolls,and have started collecting them over the years. LOL.
Talk about messed up in the head!?

anyways…this is a pretty rad contest you have going on here..I’ve never had to vent out back childhood stories to try to win a contest,kudos!!

Good Luck to everyone!!!!


our 3rd place winner, Matthew:

I have a true story. A friend was staying over at my house, in the bottom bunk of my bed. I had recently gotten a ventriloquist dummy as a birthday present – and we both read a lot of “Goosebumps”, so we had a pretty clear idea what happened with plastic dummies. I made sure to keep the knives away from it.

I left the dummy sitting on the dresser facing the bed, and we went to sleep. In the morning, he was moved clear across the room, into a rocking chair, and sitting straight up perfectly. My friend swore he didn’t move it, and I believed him, because he was snoring before I was. No one got up, and that dummy was in a different place.

I still believe that house was haunted, because of personal experiences I had of being moved at night (and oddly, turned toward the direction of the door/attic area). I still need to look more into what sleep paralysis actually is, because I was paralyzed in bed all right, but my body turned on its own on several different occasions.


Josh Hunt wrote –

When I was about 5 or 6 I had a “My buddy doll” which looks a lot like the Good Guy doll from the Child’s Play films.
This doll used to creep the hell out of me, and I could never take my eyes off of it when I was around it.
This little stuffed doll scared me so much that I used to act out ways to get rid of it, kind of like in the Chucky movies.
Once I stabbed corn on the cob holders into it, and then threw the thing into the oven.
I didn’t turn on the over, because I didn’t know how to at that age, but that didn’t stop my imagination from thinking it was on, and destroying the doll.
Finally after about a year or so the doll was so badly messed up, I had to get rid of it.
As soon as I had to get rid of it, I was sad.
How ironic, huh?


Gabi wrote –

When I was maybe three years old, I was left alone in a bedroom at my cousin’s house with THE MOST HORRIFYING TOY OF ALL TIME, namely, BARREL OF MONKEYS. This would have been in 1972 or 1973. The point that I was alone is crucial, as there were no witnesses, other than my toddler-ass self, when the monkeys began to ROLL OUT OF THE BARREL by THEMSELVES!!!!!!
Naturally, I got myself out of that room quickly. And while I know this is absolutely not possible, 37 years later, I STILL know what I saw. And it was plastic monkeys come to life, helping each other out of that stupid barrel can with their grizzly plastic eternally curved arms.


Hayes wrote –

When I was little, I had a BigBird talking doll..the kind you pulled the string and it talked to you. Well…one night, as I was lying in bed, the BigBird toy started talking on its own. I assume the string got stuck and then all the sudden went back in. I obviously freaked out and ran to my parents room. The following nights I had nightmares about BigBird..and every night he got weirder and weirder looking in my dreams. I still get uncomfortable if I see BigBird to this day!!


Scoob wrote –

i never played too much with toys as a kid. i did like my star wars men and my hot wheels, they were my favorites. the cars were the good guys and the planes were the bad guys and they could talk to each other. if the cars had doors that could open, they could fly. i guess i was playing transformers before transformers were invented. i was more of a book kid, though, and i always like the scary stories and books about ghosts and the paranormal, even at a pretty young age.
one time some friends of mine and i, i guess we were probably around 11 or 12, got a baby doll and put ketchup on it then took a knife with a piece of paper and wrote my cousins name on it and put it in her bed to scare the hell out of her. needless to say it did the trick and i got punished. this is what happens when you let kids see salem’s lot and let’s scare jessica to death at a young age. thank you cable and HBO for my first friday the 13th and getting punished from the scary baby doll. haha. i think i saw that scary baby doll scene in a horror movie years later. they musta thought i was deranged :)


Chuck wrote –

When I was a kid I tossed a fit over and over and over until I finally got one of those “My Buddy” dolls..You may recall those I dunno, they were popular in the 80’s originally.

Well I kept on and then finally one day my parents surprised me with one and needless to say I was on cloud 9…That is until the Childs Play movie came out.

I saw Childs Play and I thought the Chucky Doll looked way waaaay too much like My Buddy so after a long process of begging for the darn thing I was ready to have that thing taken as far away from me as possible. And I never really played with it much again after seeing the movie :(


and finally, Daphne wrote –

I had a cute vinyl blonde ballerina doll in a pink tutu with a kewl crown on her head. You pull the button on the crown and she would twirl. One of my fave toys. Well it must have been static electricity, cuz I was sitting in my room and her hair burst into flames!!! I put her out quick cuz I was right there!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared their strange childhood toy stories!

Corey Haim Dead At 38

Corey Haim was found dead this morning in his apartment in Los Angeles. LAPD suspects it was an “accidental drug overdose.” The former child star was known and loved by horror fans as Sam, who befriends  the vampire hunting Frog Brothers in the 1987 staple The Lost Boys, and as a werewolf hunting cripple in Silver Bullet. The actor had an ongoing love/hate relationship with drugs over the years, one which cost him his career and now, apparently, his life.