A Year Of Fear

It’s been a whole year since I started Basement Screams, in its current WordPress form that is (I actually started it on Blogger first but didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in so I axed it pretty quick.) Anyway, I Googled “evil birthday cake” and found the image above, but more importantly I found the website it originated from, a blog called Eating Is For Winners. There’s some fucking ridiculous stuff on there so if you’re bored check it out.  Anyway (again), it’s been a fun year, and although I haven’t accomplished everything I’ve wanted to with the blog so far, I’m ready to bring it up a notch in the upcoming year. Much thanks to everyone out there for being bored enough to read this! Now go eat a cupcake and watch Happy Birthday To Me in celebration!

Scary Or Die Launches Sept 24th With Online Film Fest

Scary Or Die has moved the official launch of its site from the 28th of September to the 24th. Scary Or Die is a horror site devoted to filmmakers and fans alike and will host free videos uploaded by members to be viewed and rated by their fellow members. Their launch coincides with the First Annual Scary Or Die International Online Short Horror Film Festival. Anyone wanting to enter their horror short can do so before September 21st. The top three videos will be screened at an awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles in mid-October. For more info check out Scary Or Die HERE

Black Devil Bobblehead Unveiled, Bitches!

As I reported back in July, the Cult Collectibles Black Devil Doll Weird Wobbler Bobblehead is finally here! They’re available now and Cult Collectibles main man Mark Jason Murray even posted a YouTube video of himself cracking open the first case! Check out the clip below and head to Cult Collectibles site to get yours now, cracka! While you’re there, check out the future installments in the Weird Wobbler series they have in store. Holy fuck, a Fulci bobblehead is way too cool!

Everyone Must Kill To Survive, Even Santa

INFINITE SANTA 8000 is a brand new web series from the creators of DRIVE-IN HORROR SHOW, one of my personal favorites from last year. The series of animated shorts follows Infinite Santa across the wasteland that is Earth in the year 8000. I’m not sure how many episodes there will be in the first season, but along the way we’ll meet various mutants, a young robotic clone named Martha and the evil Dr. Shackleton, who has been hunting Santa for years. The first episode is a great introduction to the brooding hunter Santa and is a quick watch, clocking in at only two and a half minutes. Watch the episode below and head over to the INFINITE SANTA 8000 website for more info on the series and for downloads of the show that are available for your various Apple devices. Check it out!

Danny Trejo Talks ‘Machete’ and… Soccer?

That’s right, last week Machete himself, Danny Trejo sat down with Fox Soccer Channel to discuss all things Machete and also his love of the world’s sport. I’m a huge soccer fan myself (proud Liverpool F.C. supporter!) so I found this a really cool interview. Click on the logo below to check it out!

Hobo With A Shotgun Trailer

By now you may have heard that another of the fake trailers from Grindhouse, the Jason Eisener directed Hobo With A Shotgun, has recently been made into a feature film, following in the footsteps of fellow fake trailer turned feature, Machete. The trailer is running with Machete in Canadian theatres, much like the original fake trailer ran with Grindhouse up North in its theatrical run. The film looks like it plays out like a fucked up version of Robocop, with a fed up old man in place of the cyborg cop! Check out the trailer below for some ridiculous vigilante street justice! (and yes, that is Rutger Hauer!)