MC Sex – Bloodiest Hip Hop Video EVER!

I got an email the other day from a rapper named MC Sex with a link to his latest music video for a track titled ‘Mayonnaise and Ketchup’. The video is a  montage of the bloodiest scenes featuring women in horror films. This video has clips from EVERYTHING. From straight forward horror like House of 1000 Corpses, The Descent, and High Tension, to Japanese Pinky Violence classics Delinquent School Boss and Lady Snowblood. Not to mention a couple dozen others. Machine Girl, Martyrs, School Of The Holy Beast, etc etc – it fucking rocks!

Now here’s the thing, my computer is in pieces, so I’ve been using the wifey’s laptop and the audio went out on it the same day I watched this video. SO, I have absolutely no clue what the song actually sounds like, or what it’s about. With a name like ‘Mayonnaise and Ketchup’ by a guy calling himself MC Sex, whose logo is a microphone and two turntables made to look like a penis, well…. odds are it might offend some people.

And while it may be utterly irresponsible to post a video without knowing the lyrical content… Oh fucking well – the song could be complete filth, but the video itself is brilliant! So take a looksy and enjoy the bloodiest hip hop video ever! (and let me know if the song sucks or not!)

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