Black Death To Consume The US In 2011

Magnet Releasing, the folks responsible for bringing the US such films as Let The Right One In and Monsters, have just announced their latest acquisition, BLACK DEATH. Directed by Severance director Christopher Smith, and starring Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), BLACK DEATH looks promising to carry on Magnet’s reputation for bringing the goods. I mean, come on, a gang of crazy bastards tearing through the English countryside, armed with an iron maiden, going on a witch hunt? Count me in!

from the press release –

Bean stars as Ulric, a grim emissary from the Church, who leads a young monk (Eddie Redmayne) and a band of violent vigilantes and war veterans through the English countryside. Armed with blood-chilling torture devices, their mission is to stamp out suspected paganism in a village that remains untouched by the black plague, even as the rest of Europe grimly succumbs to the pestilence.

“BLACK DEATH simmers with a kind of terror that’s all the more haunting cause it’s real,” said Magnet SVP Tom Quinn.  “It’s another great example of why Chris Smith is one of the most versatile directors working today.”

“BLACK DEATH is a film that I am immensely proud of, and I’m so pleased it has found such a great home for its US release,” said director Smith. “On the one hand it is a violent historical drama and on the other, a terrifying horror movie, in which the more realistically I shot the past, the more it reflected the present. A time when in spite of the fact people were dying of the plague, they still found the time to torture and kill each other.”

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