Infinite Santa DVD With Quote From Yours Truly & Episode 4 Out Now

I’m surprised it’s taking me this long to post this, but last week I received something very cool in the mail from the folks over at Burnt Reindeer Films. It’s the first volume of INFINITE SANTA 8000 on DVD. It collects the first six episodes of the animated web series and looks a little something like this…

But wait, when you flip it over… what’s this? That’s right, a quote from little old me. Check it out…

Hell yeah! You have no idea how excited I am to have that on there!  Huge thanks to Greg and Michael for choosing to use that on the cover! The DVD was released last weekend at the Rock & Shock Festival but I’m not sure if they are planning on selling them through their site or not. As of this writing they are not available online. So if you want to get your mittens on a copy I suggest heading over to the site and dropping them an email to find out how. Tell ’em Murphy sent ya!

The fourth episode is up now and the guys have also posted pictures from the aforementioned Rock & Shock Festival on the Drive-In Horrorshow blog. Check ’em out here.


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