Parisitic – Getting Ready To Burst Out Like A Penis-Shaped Alien Out Of A Hot Girl’s Throat!

What more do you need in a splattastic sci-fi horror film besides parasitic aliens, zombies and boobs? I’ll wait while you think of something…


PARASITIC is the upcoming film by writer/director Timothy Martin, and from the looks of the trailer it has all that and more. Martin has a solid reputation for his make-up and special effects work (he recently worked on the upcoming prequel/remake/whatever the fuck it is to The Thing) and has chosen to use practical effects with some amazing results.

After a strange meteor destroys a communications satellite and crashes into Tampa Bay, a sickly looking fish finds itself the meal of a beautiful nightclub bartender named Val. Moments later, as the bar is closed and locked tight, the infected Val becomes ill and all Hell breaks loose. Hidden from the others, the parasite she has unknowingly eaten rapidly grows, bursting from her throat and becoming the puppet master for the chaos ahead. With no possible way to reach help or escape, the trapped club-goers must fight to survive and plan to destroy the creature before it is let loose into the world.

PARASITIC isn’t exactly treading new ground here, but that’s alright. While the story is a familiar one, the creature effects look fantastic, and that will more than make up for the rehashed story.

PARASITIC is currently in post-production and will be hitting the festival circuit soon. For more images from the film check out Undead Backbrain.

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