Shellter – Guest Review by Mr. Grimm

“Do terrible things… or terrible things will be done to you! How far would you go to survive? Don’t kid yourself, you would do anything…”

Our young female protagonist, Zoey (Cari Sanders) wakes up in a make-shift hospital/shelter with fragmented memories of her immediate past. She is greeted by a blood-soaked nurse and a doctor (Will Tulin) who “tells” her that a mysterious plague has unhinged society into raving, diseased maniacs. Deprivation, madness and torture follows.

The director, Dan Donley, claims that Shellter is a full on “serious” horror film. Well, I have news for you, there is a hell of a lot of unintentional humor laced throughout the film. Please don’t get me wrong – this is a good thing! Herschel Gordon Lewis would be proud! This is mainly due to the over the top camera muggings by Will Tulin. On the other hand, Cari Sanders as the gullible “victim” is efficiently sympathetic in her role.

Good news, horror geeks, the gore effects are practical, and somewhat effective – not computer generated! You also get obligatory scenes of T&A, urine and fecal eating, cannibalism, drug induced rape, and finally sexual castration! Not for the politically correct minded folks out there. For example the doctor literally glues her “lips” shut. Misogynistic? Maybe. Symbolic of women in today’s culture? Well, that’s for you to decide. Also, a sociologist would have a field day reading into this post-9/11 fable and the similarities between the 1950’s atomic fears of American society.

On the downside, the twist ending is obvious from the very start of the film. Also, the flashback/dream sequences are handled with an annoying red and blue 3D out of focus effect. The question/answer torture segment runs a bit flat, although amusing from a historical view-point.

In closing, Shellter is a fun, sometimes disturbing foray into the revenge/torture side of horror filmmaking. So ’til next time, I’ll be seeing you in the theatre of schlock which we call life!

check out the official Shellter website here

What Scared You In 2010? The HBA Wants To Know…

The folks over at The Horror Blogger Alliance, of which I am a proud member, want to know what scared the hell out of you in 2010. In fact, they want to know what your Top Ten things that scared you in 2010. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a list of horror films or books, it could be anything (I believe more than one person has spiders on their list in one fashion or other…) So head on over to the HBA page by clicking the image below and tell us all what kind of spooky shit filled your year. I’ll be putting my list up soon as well.

Chiller 13 – The Decade’s Scariest Movie Moments Premieres Tonight

The Chiller cable network will broadcast Chiller 13 – The Decade’s Scariest Movie Moments tonight at 8pm EST. The special is a 90 minute look at the past ten years of horror films and features an eclectic cast of personalities from both within the horror realm and outside it. The panel includes KNB effects legend Greg Nicotero, 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles, directors Ti West and Lucky McKee, and Candyman himself Tony Todd. Also on board are comedians Dan Gurewitch and David Young from, Saw series  actress Betsy Russel and Brian Collins of Bloody Disgusting and Horror Movie A Day.

While I personally don’t agree with all thirteen of the films picked, I would say more than half are right on the money and it’s an entertaining watch overall. I won’t give away all the films but the expected ones here (The Ring, Saw, etc.), but if you want to be surprised don’t watch the video below!  The big problem is that the whole show is one big spoiler after another, so watch at your own risk. I’m not sure which cable or sattelite providers offer Chiller (I know I have basic Comcast and I don’t get it), so check your local listings and check out Chiller 13 tonight.

Infinite Santa Writes For The Boston Phoenix And Cranks Up The Bloodshed In Episode 11

The eleventh episode of the ongoing post-apocalyptic horror web series Infinite Santa 8000 finds our hero out for revenge and spilling tons of blood! The guys at Burnt Reindeer have been posting a new episode every Sunday and will continue to do so until Christmas. Check out the latest episode below and the Infinite Santa 8000 website for past episodes and to pick up some IS8000 merchandise as gifts for the horror fan in your life (or yourself, what the hell.)

Speaking of gifts for horror fans, Infinite Santa co-creator Michael Neel has written a gift guide for shopping for the horror fiend in your life for The Boston Phoenix. You can check out his bloody recommendations here. Also writing for The Boston Phoenix is Infinite Santa himself, as he presents the 2010 DregNog Video Advent Calendar. Check those posts out here.

Vincent Price Tribute Poster

Inspired by the ignorance of both the staff and clientele at his local video shop, graphic designer Eric Slager created this poster in honor of the legendary Vincent Price. I love the slick grey design and the fact that Mr. Price’s facial features are substituted for the titles of some of his most famous work (except for his trademark ‘stache, of course.) You can read the story that lead to the creation of the poster and check out Eric Slager’s other work here.