Face Off – SyFy Special Effects Reality Show Coming Soon

When I think of what is absolutely horrible about modern-day television, two things come to mind right away – the SyFy channel and reality television. That being said, I have surprised myself by actually being kinda, sorta, maybe a little bit excited about the new SyFy special effects reality competition, Face Off. Face Off debuts January 26th and looks to (hopefully) suck a lot less than most of SyFy‘s other programming. With judges Ve Neill (who has worked on everything from The Lost Boys to A.I. Artificial Intelligence to Pirates Of The Caribbean), Glenn Hetrick (TV’s Heroes, Legion) and Patrick Tatopoulos (who worked on Trick r’ Treat and whose  name makes me think of Greek potatoes…) and host McKenzie Westmore in place, the show definitely holds promise.

“Twelve of the Country’s Brightest Special Effects Make-Up Artists Face Off for a $100,000 Prize and to be Named the Next Great SFX Artist”

More promising still is the list of guest judges that will be making appearances. Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th), Greg Nicotero (KNB, The Walking Dead) and Michael Westmore (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will all be lending their expertise to the judging throughout the series.

For their first spotlight elimination challenge, the contestants are tasked to imagine an entirely new species, a human/animal hybrid, based on one of three exotic animals that are brought into their workspace lab — a beetle, an ostrich or an elephant. The contestants must work in teams of two to execute their creative visions, utilizing specialized skills including molding, sculpting, prosthetics and an involved application process on live models. Future elimination challenges include application of full body make-up to nude subjects, conceptualizing a creature that would inhabit a newly discovered planet, creating an original horror villain and transforming a “bride” into a “groom” and a “groom” into a “bride.”

Face Off debuts Wednesday January 26th at 10 pm ET/PT. For further information and to meet the cast of Face Off check out syfy.com/faceoff. There is also a ton of audition footage and try out tapes that people made when they were casting the show up on YouTube. I haven’t had the chance to check any of them out yet but you can do so here.


3 comments on “Face Off – SyFy Special Effects Reality Show Coming Soon

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  2. A make-up FX reality show sounds long overdue. I would totally watch this if I got the SyFy channel or watched TV at all. I just hope they don’t shy away from gore FX.
    Mr. Xploit

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