Coming Back Soon… Really…

If you are a regular reader of Basement Screams (are there any of you left?) you may have noticed there’s been a little (read: fucking huge) lack in posts the past month and a half. Shit’s been super crazy hectic in the real world and I honestly just haven’t had the time, energy or patience to deal with the cyberworld. However, fear not, faithful fright fan (there is someone out there still reading this, right?), Basement Screams will return in a couple of weeks time with a shit ton of reviews that have been piling up and more of the usual crap! So, until then drop me a line, let me know if you’re still out there, and enjoy the following video from Mater Suspiria Vision. It’s called Exorcism Of The Hippies, its banned from YouTube, and it’s just about the freakiest music video I’ve seen in quite a while. See you soon, I promise…

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