The Exterminator Comes To Blu-Ray, Flamethrower In Hand

Oh shit! Synapse has done it again! This time with ’80’s flamethrower fueled revenge flick The Exterminator, coming to Blu-Ray for the first time on September 13th! I personally haven’t seen The Exterminator in years and years. In fact the last time I saw it was either on VHS or on Joe Bob Brigg’s Drive In Theatre, so that was a LONG time ago! Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this one. If you’re not familiar with this particular piece of ’80s greatness, check out the original theatrical trailer below.

Excited yet??


Executioner blu-ray

Christopher George, Robert Ginty, and Samantha Eggar star in THE EXTERMINATOR, James Glickenhaus’ explosive story of Vietnam vet John Eastland (Ginty), a man who launches a bloody vendetta against the New York underworld when his best friend is brutally beaten by a vicious street gang. Eastland becomes a vigilante hero to the public, but to police The Exterminator is a psychopath capable of dangerously undermining an entire government administration.

Synapse Films is proud to present
THE EXTERMINATOR in its more violent and gory Director’s Cut, lovingly restored in high-definition from original vault materials. One of the most cold-blooded and controversial revenge films
ever made, this is “a sick example of the almost unbelievable descent into gruesome savagery in American movies.” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)

Special Features:

• The Original Director’s Cut Featuring More Gore and Violence
• The Newly Discovered Original Stereo Soundtrack Mix
• Audio Commentary by Director James Glickenhaus
• Theatrical Trailer and Television Spots (HD)

Disc Info:

Director: James Glickenhaus
Starring: Christopher George, Robert Ginty, and Samantha Eggar
Run Time: 104 minutes
Release Date: Sept 13, 2011
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1)
Formats: Blu-ray and DVD
Region: Blu-ray and DVD: All Regions

Price: Blu-ray/DVD Combo: $29.95

Synapse Films

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