Corporate Cutthroat Massacre – Like Sleeping Pills, But Less Entertaining

The Office meets American Psycho” – that’s how director Creep Creepersin’s Corporate Cutthroat Massacre is billed. Well, unfortunately the film completely lacks the humor of the former and the wit and creativity of the latter.

Brandi Babcock (played by Elina Madison) is the über-cunt boss at an office full of incompetent employees and surprisingly little furniture and office supplies (??? seriously, the first thing I noticed about CCTM, after the seemingly endless opening title sequence,  is the complete lack of set design). She has been given the task of relieving two employees of their positions by the end of the work day to cut corporate costs and decides to base the firings on the employee’s sales numbers. But before she has the chance to do so someone decides to take matters into their own hands and starts picking off the employees one by one. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see this happening until a short flashback sequence at the end. What we do see is a cast of less than talented actors playing boring characters that you honestly don’t give a damn about.

Since the entire film takes place in a singular location, the office, you would think that Creepersin would rely on some form of action to move us along. Think again. Instead, we are subjected to a full hour of poorly written dialogue before we see our first body (and for a film that only runs an hour and ten minutes, that’s pacing hell). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dialogue driven films. For example, the less plot more talk aesthetic of The Last Days of Disco is what I really love about that particular film. But it’s also not a horror film, and seeing how Corporate Cutthroat Massacre supposedly is, a little less office chat and a little more massacre would have been nice (it is in the title, after all.)

What the film’s pacing doesn’t kill, the bland direction and poor acting finish off. Even the “twist” at the end isn’t enough to save it.The only real redeeming quality of the film is the small handful of well-shot scenes toward the end. But after waiting an hour to get there, they really are too little too late. All in all, I can’t really recommend checking this movie out unless you’re having a hard time sleeping, then it might be just what you need.

Corporate Cutthroat Massacre rates half a Screaming Jamie out of 5

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