Midnight Son To Premiere On FEARnet

You may remember last year I made mention of an upcoming  indie vampire flick Midnight Son. Well if you didn’t catch the film at one of its many festival screenings, you’ll have the opportunity in January 2012, courtesy of FEARnet, when the channel unleashes the film’s US debut. 

“I’m really thrilled that FEARnet is going to premiere the film,” says writer/director Scott Leberecht. “FEARnet is such a great way to reach out to horror fans, via both their television and VOD platforms, so we’re extremely excited for the movie to be premiering this way.” Producer Matt Compton adds “FEARnet gives the film an amazing opportunity to be seen by so many horror fans all across the country, and as independent filmmakers, that’s incredibly important to us.”

This marks the first time that FEARnet has acquired a film directly from the filmmakers. “We normally acquire films from distributors, but after seeing the film earlier this year and really loving it, I contacted the filmmakers about acquiring it directly from them,” says Peter Block, FEARnet’s president and General Manager. “I know it will be something that the FEARnet audience will really respond to, and it will be a perfect fit to our 2012 film lineup.”

You can check out the Midnight Son trailer below and keep your eyes on FEARnet’s lineup in the new year to see the film for yourself.


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