GoreGirl Enters The Forbidden Zone

Our good friend GoreGirl steps out of the Dungeon and into the Basement once again to take you into the Sixth Dimension!  Find all of her blood spattered sermons HERE

forbidden zone

I am no fan of musicals as a rule but Richard Elfman’s seriously entertaining and downright bizarre Forbidden Zone is an exception. The Forbidden Zone is a non-sensical, amusing and incredibly silly romp filmed in black and white with music from The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo (soon to be known as just Oingo Boingo). If nothing else, you are unlikely to ever see anything quite like it.

Friday, April 17 4:00 PM Venice California

Huckleberry P. Jones, local pimp, narcotics peddler, slum-lord was seen entering a vacant house that he owned. While stashing some heroin in the basement, he stumbled upon a mysterious door. Naturally, he entered…

Only to find… ???

forbidden zone2

Jones retrieved the heroin and promptly sold the place.

One month later the Hercules family moves in to the now vacant house…

Ma & Pa Hercules – Ma is a stay at home type and Pa works at the tar pits.
Frenchy Hercules – The adorable and audacious Frenchy acquired a French accent while attending school in France; hence her nickname.
Flash Hercules – I have no idea why this guy is called Flash, but he wears a cub scout uniform and a beanie and is one old-looking kid!
Gramps Hercules – For some reason Flash has to tie up Gramps before he goes to school each morning.

Will the Hercules family discover what lies behind the mysterious door in the basement? You bet they do! Frenchy is the first to open the mysterious door. In an animated sequence we see Frenchy travelling through an intestine and shot out of a huge butt onto a bed of pillows. Frenchy has just entered the Sixth Dimension! The strange and foreign place is ruled by Queen Doris and King Fausto. It is not long before Frenchy is detained by the princess and brought to the Queen and King. King Fausto sends Frenchy to cell number sixty-three; this is where he keeps his favourite concubines. King Fausto falls hard for Frenchy on account of her French accent. When the rest of the Hercules family realize that Frenchy has disappeared they also dare to enter the door to the Sixth Dimension.

forbidden zone1

Right from the nifty opening animated title sequence you know you are in for something wonderfully strange. Don’t try to make sense of it; just kick back and enjoy. The sets look like something out of a school play, the costumes are crazy and a lot of people are wearing their underwear and Mickey Mouse ears (Apparently King Fausto has a Mouseketeer obsession). Some of you will be pleased to know the Princess character appears topless throughout. Every character is insanely over-the-top and is played with fevered enthusiasm. There is countless musical numbers and if you hate the music this will be immensely painful; personally I thought the music was a hell of a lot of fun! There is sex (if you consider dry humping sex), nudity and Satan! That’s right folks; Satan lives in the Sixth Dimension and looks a lot like Danny Elfman. He wants the topless princess for his bride and I can not think of a better match for him. Have I mentioned there is a gorilla, a gunfight, a Frogman butler and a character called Squeezit who thinks he’s a chicken? It has something for everyone and it all ends with one big happy musical number. Serve with Tequila. Forbidden Zone is highly recommended!

forbidden zone3

Dungeon Rating: 4/5

Directed By: Richard Elfman

Starring: HervÈ Villechaize, Susan Tyrrell, Gisele Lindley, Jan Stuart Schwartz, Marie-Pascale Elfman, Virginia Rose, Gene Cunningham, Phil Gordon, Hyman Diamond, Matthew Bright, Danny Elfman, Viva, Joe Spinell, Brian Routh, Martin von Haselberg

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