Combat Girls Boots Its Way Onto DVD and VOD From Artsploitation Films


Artsploitation continues their onslaught of hard-hitting films with its July 9th release of Combat Girls.

LOS ANGELES (June 10, 2013) – Artsploitation Films, the rising American film company, continues to deliver edgy international movies to North American audiences with its latest release, COMBAT GIRLS. This searing coming of age drama follows two suburban girls from vastly different backgrounds who become ensnared in the Neo-Nazi youth movement. Twenty year old Melissa (a stand-out, powerhouse acting performance from newcomer Alina Levshin) is a hard-core believer, a semi-skinhead who is adorned with Nazi tattoos. Fourteen year-old Svenja (Jella Haase) is a sheltered, spoiled, straight A student who becomes fascinated with the group because of her Neo-Nazi boyfriend. They began as adversaries but soon become best friends though their loyalty to each other is shaken when Marisa decides she wants to leave the group. Like American History Xand Romper Stomper, COMBAT GIRLS is extremely dynamic, powerful filmmaking.
Artsploitation’s release of COMBAT GIRLS will arrive on DVD, VOD and Digital Download for the first time ever on July 9. The DVD extras include an interview with Alina Levshin and an 8-page booklet.
COMBAT GIRLS’ Alina Levshin won the Best Actress award at The Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Film Fest Munich and The AMD “Next Wave” Spotlight Competition Award for Best Actress at Fantastic Fest in Austin. The film also played the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Jeresulem Jewish Film Festival and Dubi International Film Festival respectively.



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