My Shame Statement, by J. Murphy

Cinema Shame




I received the invite to take part in Cinema Shame over two weeks ago. I had decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to knock as many titles off the shame list this year as possible, so it seemed only logical to make my shame public and share with you all a portion of my cinematic redemption. I have gone back and forth as to what titles I wanted to use for this project, and believe me it wasn’t easy to knock it down to twelve. So i tried to pick as varied a list as possible, featuring heavy hitters and genre classics both. Okay, let’s get it on…

My Cinema Shame List 2014 (in chronological order)

1. Rope (1948; Alfred Hitchcock)

2. Paths Of Glory (1957; Stanley Kubrick)

3. Rio Bravo (1959; Howard Hawks)

4. Lawrence Of Arabia (1962; David Lean)


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Total Film – Giving Obscure Horror Blogs Some Love

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This morning it came to my attention that Total Film showed Basement Screams some love by including it in its email list newsletter as one of three “Cool Film Blogs To Visit”. Needless to say I’m crazy excited, so thanks to Total Film and thanks to blogger Kate Flood for bringing it to my attention.